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Photographs are like diamonds - special treasure to admire and display so that the love and laughter of life's most precious memories stay alive forever.

"Don't miss the diamonds along the way. Every road has led us here today." Sheryl Crow

Welcome to Diamond Road Photography!

We are Steve and Janice, a dynamic and passionate husband and wife wedding and lifestyle photographic team.

Admitted opposites, one a tattooed, rebel, the other, a refined hopeless romantic, it's photography that binds us together. Here our differences become our strength!  Our divergent 'lenses' on the world bring a dynamics that only a duo can.

Janice is the detailed one with an eye for the intimate. The 'look', the line, the carefully crafted touch…she'll notice them all.

Steve, on the other hand, is the candid one (both in the images he takes and the demeanor he exudes). He'll lighten the mood while capturing the big scene.

Together, they're a team that will tell the whole photographic story.

Walk with us on the 'Diamond Road'.
Give us something of your soul so your stories don't fade away.

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